Sustainability, and clean environment

Our vision is of a cleaner, more productive and balanced planet and we are investing in projects that work in order to accelerate innovation for the carbon-neutral world

Climate change may be a threat to our society and way of life but we have confidence that there are paths to a brighter future for the Earth.
We believe that green energy solutions are the best weapon to help achieve these goals.
We are pairing up innovators in clean energy, people making technological projects, whether small or large, with people with money to invest in helping make the world a better place.

We look for projects that make a difference

From intricate clean energy solutions to large-scale renewable projects, we are always on the lookout for ways we can make a difference.


Green technologies such as floating solar farms, harnessing the power of waves and improved plastic recycling are all vital tools in the fight against climate change and Strathsquare Point is working at the cutting edge of all of them.


Renewable energy is vital but there are also great strides being made through electric vehicles, whether through smart charging and even greater efficiency and emissions reduction. Technology is being developed that could rid our seas of plastic.


We also believe that there are ideas as yet unimagined that can push clean energy into the next level. And we are committed to finding them and bringing them to life.

There are no limits to what we can achieve in terms of greener, cleaner renewable energy and our drive is to bring these possibilities into reality.

People at the center

We believe in people so we follow green tech trends, discovering the best clean energy entrepreneurs and assisting the most creative renewables scientists helps us work at the forefront of combating climate change.

Green energy, clean energy and renewables are our future and there are people willing to take risks to receive a pay off which also helps every single person on the planet.

If you wish to invest in clean energy or have a product which needs funding to take the next step we’re here to help, in a collaborative manner.

The connections we make in this sector could help power the world for generations to come.