We’re changing the world of venture capital by investing in projects that matter.

Our passion for innovation, reliance on technology, and access to global resources allow us to provide fast and efficient service to the projects we support.

Invest in renewable energy - Strathsquare Point

Whether you are looking for new data or clean energy project funding, Strathsquare Point is here to help.

What we invest in

As a venture capital company, we look ahead. We are committed to supporting innovative companies with long-term social and environmental benefits, essentially clean energy, climate tech, media, data, and logistics.
Entrepreneur demonstrates laptop screen with data software - Strathsquare Point

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are on the verge of bringing us to a new universe and we are empowering forward-thinking entrepreneurs to better understand and use this new space.

Aerial view of a container ship carrying cargo for an import-export logistics business in the ocean - Strathsquare Point

Innovative ideas to provide faster, fairer, and stronger supply chains, helping the industry reach its full potential.

We are open to new projects

We want to work with you on innovative and breakthrough projects that will enrich our communities and help shape a better future for everyone. If you are looking for renewable energy project funding, decarbonisation project funding, machine learning project funding, and more, contact us for more information.