Strathsquare is a US-based venture capital company, we work as a bridge between talent and money, focusing on tech-enabled businesses that benefit from network effects.

Strathsquare Point is a venture capital company that believes in substance over numbers. Our philosophy is clear and focuses on three core beliefs.

Growing demand for PV solar panels in daily life - Strathsquare Point
Invest in renewable energy - Strathsquare Point
Investments in sustainable energy – Strathsquare Point
In this rapidly developing digital world, we believe that the ordinary way of doing business is no longer sufficient.
We create connections with innovators who share our vision of a more sustainable future and a healthy living environment for all.
We are reinventing the venture capital model by funding the next generation of companies that will change the way we live.

What we invest in

We’re a venture capital company with a vision to make our world a better place. Our investment aspirations are reflected in the below sectors

Roof mounted solar panels for sustainable future - Strathsquare Point
Defining the pathway of the planet through cleantech.
Entrepreneur demonstrates laptop screen with data software - Strathsquare Point
Bringing the possible to life in the next great frontier of technology.
Media, streaming and web 3.0 - Strathsquare Point
Helping important narratives disseminate across the globe.
Aerial view of a container ship carrying cargo for an import-export logistics business in the ocean - Strathsquare Point
Strategic planning on issues dominating day-to-day lives.

Career opportunities

We’re looking for new team members to join our innovative VC firm and help us build a better future.

Our culture of trust and care for our team members lets us do great work every day.

Helping female founders - Strathsquare Point
Fund manager analyzing data on his laptop - Strathsquare Point

At Strathsquare Point, we focus on innovators and entrepreneurs who are able to solve problems that others may see as unsolvable.

We have the ability to work across disciplines to find solutions.

If any of these things interest you or you want to learn more about some exciting opportunities, email us at:

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As a venture capital company with a clear and futuristic vision, we are committed to supporting innovators who have the potential to make businesses more sustainable and for all.